TEDx Talks. University stadiums. Intimate leadership gatherings. Corporate keynotes. Community initiatives. Recognition Dinners. Races. 

These are a few of the venues and audiences Zoe's wowed and inspired. Her talks focus on the tactical aspects of goal-setting, the power of purpose, and vulnerability in innovation. She encourages teams to never give up, to respect their potential, and to understand that sweet spot where organizational or community objectives overlap with personal ones. Disciplined determinationpurpose-driven projects, perseverance. Logistics of quitting. Habits. Relentless forward progress.  These are a few words you might catch in a presentation. She couples her stories with vivid footage from her running endeavors, creating a truly dynamic experience by pulling the audience right in, into the mountains in France, the wildfires in Texas, the exhausted midnight finale in Corsica. 

"I work for Northwestern Mutual as a representative and am nearing the end of my second year. Ive been to many company events where Ive heard great people speak from around the world. The list of people (some famous, some not) goes on. Of everything in life Ive ever heard to this point, your talk yesterday was the most impactful, relevant, inspirational, and life changing."   -- Benjamin Carl, Syracuse Office