We do not run to depart, but to arrive. To forever venture forth, not stand still. We run, because it always gets us where we need to be. We run because it is a way of going, and we have always gone. For years and years, we have gone; your ancestors have gone, and so have mine; and now so shall you, and so shall I.

// written for Zoe Goes Running Official Trailer for forthcoming documentary, in collaboration with Alexander Kreher films and The Branching

In my private life, I was a confused, unsettled 19-year-old away at school. But while I was running I was free, calm, my thoughts crystal clear. I became a runner without even realizing what an involved, long-term commitment I was getting myself into. Sitting here six years later, I understand why I first fell for the sport, but what’s more interesting is why I keep doing it. At one time in my life, running gave me the clarity and resolution that I needed, but why didn’t I just stop once I'd moved on?

// written for University of Richmond Magazine

En route to see Atmosphere, all my normal worries begin to plague me. I know what I want, I just hope I get it. I want Slug to blow my expectations to pieces; I want him to make me think twice about what it means to respect a musician. Not too much to ask. But I don't want these things so much as need them, as I need every possible affirmation of the necessity of my fandom. 

// written for The Portland Phoenix